Brexit Impact

International Customers outside the UK

The UK left the EU on 1st January 2021.  

You can now shop online and purchase VAT free goods.  

Depending on your countries import customs regulations all parcels may be subject to import duties or taxes when they arrive at your destination country.  Shaukat Fabrics is not liable to pay these additional fees.  

These fees will be charged direct to you in your own country by your customs, postal office or collected by our shipping companies.   Each location is different so, we are unable to advise on the amounts that will be charged.  We suggest you investigate these fees as payment will be required by Customs to release you order.

We understand this comes as an additional cost for you, however, we hope this cost is counteracted with the introduction of VAT-free goods.  Your purchases made online for delivery to addresses outside the UK will have zero tax as they will not be subject to UK VAT.

Shaukat Fabrics will monitor this situation and we will endeavour to continue to provide the most cost-effective solution for you.  

Shaukat December 2021

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