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Welcome to Shaukat & Co Showroom

Entering Shaukat & Co, you will be greeted with a ray of luxurious fabrics including textured Linen, lush Corduroys, Nets & Lace, Poplins, Wools, Cotton Tana Lawns, Silks, Crêpe de Chine, Chiffon and much more… Shaukat & Co has the largest Independent Liberty TM Collection in the UK.

Our Aladdin’s Cave of Fabrics.

We know it is difficult to decide which type of fabric is most suitable, as materials vary widely in their qualities. From natural organic fibres – soft to the touch – to the shiny synthetic fibres, we’ve got it all. Classic to Seasonal, our dedicated LibertyTM floor featuring hundreds of Liberty Cotton Tana Lawn fabrics. The Liberty Tana LawnTM is suitable for most types of dressmaking, quilting, crafting, and sewing.

We have built a reputation over the past 45 years and one of the key factors in our success is our carefully crafted and hand-picked wool. We have expertly curated a comprehensive range of pure wool, cashmere, and blended wool. Our wool collection offers a variety of colours, textures and finishes to tailor the perfect outfit including dishdasha, yashmagh, suiting, coats, over-coats, blankets and so much more…

As you are starting to make your transition to our cave of wonders, you will be stunned by the amazing rainbow of plain Italian cottons boasting gradients of blues, greens, yellows, oranges, pinks, and reds and all the shades between, it truly is a doorway to fabric heaven…

This section brings you the finest cottons from around the world with a variety of feel, texture, colours, and patterns including our bespoke Shaukat Collection – made with over 45 years of expertise and passion for fabric, the bold and vibrant STORRS London Collection, the English Countryside florals of John Louden Collection and more origins such as Spanish and Japanese Cotton. Our velvets, viscose, jersey fabric, are also showcased. Giving you access to a complete range of material.

Shaukat & Co has earned a place as an established institution and we are now held to “The Royal Standard”, catering for royalty in the Middle East and high-status clients.

This is no ordinary fabric shop – lose yourself in the alcoves of timeless classics and discover vintage fabrics treasures.

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Our Address

  • Shaukat Fabrics
  • 170-172 Old Brompton Road
  • London SW5 0BA
  • Telephone: 0207 373 6927 / 373 8956
  • Facsimile: 0207 373 5516
  • Email: info@shaukat.co.uk

Opening Times

  • Monday - Friday 10am to 7pm
  • Saturday 11am - 7pm
  • (Excl. Bank Holidays)