our story

Shaukat Fabrics is a London-based hub for some of the world’s finest fabrics, which has been a “must-stop”  destination for many people, including royals and celebrities, over the past 50 years.

Shaukat prizes itself in providing the
best quality with an impeccable service.

the dream

Mr and Mrs Shaukat had a dream and in 1976 when they moved their fabrics business from Tanzania to London and soon established themselves as a destination synonymous with friendliness, inclusiveness, good service and quality.
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the process

Shaukat selects fabrics from the finest cloth makers round the world to ensure their customers find the designs of their choice that bring them joy. Shaukat’s shop has countless rows of fabrics in store making its tour an exhilarating experience.

Shaukat has a VIP room reserved for very special clients that wish their fabric choosing to experience to be meaningful and special.

Shaukat’s friendly owners and staff shows customers their best fabrics making each feel special. Shaukat wishes every customer to enjoy the touring of the shop and feel satisfied.

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