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Welcome To Shaukat

“Shaukat “At A Glance” is only showing you part of our Aladdin Cave and our fabric displays

This is the front show room of our shop.  We are by car 5 minutes away from Harrods in Knightsbridge.  Eclipse ( A posh & famous night club), The FAKE Flowers (stunning fake flowers), Cambio De Tercio (Best Spanish Restaurant in Chelsea, Hungry Olives (Organic Food), Nam Long ( Thai Restaurant), Filiz the stylish hair dresser, Coffee Shops and local pubs next to us makes the site very attractive and lively.  The shop is made of 3 basements area and 2 ground floors area.  Close to 3 main Train Stations and in front of C1 Bus Station.

I am taking you for a short trip to show you around the shop….

I make it easy.  Shaukat Fabrics is based in OLD BROMPTON ROAD of Kensington & Chelsea Borough as shown in the board.  We are honoured to be situated in this maybe the best borough of London. And don’t forget NO: 170 Old Brompton Road is our number.  

This picture is been taken for a reason and the reason to be that you will never forget where we are based.  I think it will help.

Noel Edmonds representing The famous Channel 4 show “DEAL OR NO DEAL”, wearing Liberty Fabrics Tana Lawn.

I wonder which Shop can keep up with Noel Edmonds Variety of his shirts? Guess where the fabric been bought from for his large selection of Shirts?


Yes. Guessed it right -? SHAUKAT

This picture shows only one wall out of over 30 walls in the shop full of Fabric Rolls put nicely, so that you can view all colours and designs in one go. This wall is mainly Liberty Cotton Tana Lawn fabrics displayed and is located in front of the basement entrance.

Also see related pictures an displays of the shop below:

Another wall built for displaying fabric rolls. This is also carrying Liberty Fabric bolts. This wall of fabric is also in the basement area. Just turn left at the entrance to the basement to Ladies Section.

Shaukat simply means: FABRIC FABRIC FABRIC . . . .

This new section also Carries Liberty Fabrics, Italian Fabric and also Liberty Varuna wool. It is located in the basement area and is perfect display of bolt fabrics in big quantity. Just Turn Left and then Left again from the basement entrance.

Just look at the rolls and see how many rolls are there in this wall. All printed in variety of designs and colours. Isn’t it a Heaven?

This view shows a part of Ladies section. On the left the rolls, inner inside all rolls displayed. On the right you can see all printed fabrics are displayed as a pre cut 3 or 4 meter folded fabric depending on its width. On the both side of the opposite and left side table is also pre cut fabrics displayed. All fabrics are cut enough for a dress piece. Most of the fabrics can be cut to desire size from the rolls available in bolts.

Are you getting grip of the shop? Anywhere you look, there is fabric.

This corner is the pre cut printed voile fabric hanged nicely in a hanger. The Voile is Swiss or John Kaldor or Italian voile. All assorted voile.

Yes, Beautiful. Varuna wool printed fabric from Liberty of London. This wall carries all Liberty Varuna Wool fabric in 3 meter pre cut pieces enough for a dress. If you want more or less, please just ask one of our staff.

Also available Liberty Kindly Cord printed.

Lovely designs. See “All Liberty Fabric” link in our website.

The Fabric is so good to be through.

Double wall opposite with a gap of 1 meter between in one side of the shop. Why Double? Well, we need to display everything. So double wall means 2 sided walls and more pre cut pieces can be displayed. Just walk around and see yourself all the corners in the shop, but make sure you don’t get lost in the corners.

Silk section. Displays the silks on the bolt on the left and on the right all pre cut pieces of liberty, Swiss, Italian or other sort of printed silk. Seriously, sometimes you feel that the place is exploding from fabric. This section is also in the basement area.

We have more than 8 walls like this to display only pre cut liberty Tana lawn fabric on display mainly cut in 3 meter piece. It is easy to see, discover and buy fabric.

Well, you may have never seen such a shop in your life? If the answer is not positive, please check below

A Short tunnel……..?!

Joking, but this section of the shop looks a like one. It is long and narrow. You can nicely walk and browse thousands of pre cut fabrics on display.

It can be so tempting looking at all these fabrics, but a WARNING……

Just make sure you don’t spend over the budget.

Let us have a little change. This part of shop is the suiting fabric, all again pre cut to 3.25 meters fabric put nicely on the shelves. We carry over 4000 meters of suiting fabric in stock. Prices vary. Cheap and expensive. Designer cloths such as: Dormeul, Hield, Charles Clayton, Wood house. You can find anything you can think of. From plain, stripe, check, herringbones and etc. These can be super 100’s, 120’s, 150’s, 160’s and other wool and cashmere. This view shows just the front part of Men’s Section.

WOW to this section too.

Again, suiting section, but the back section of the men’s section. This wall and opposite wall also carries the pre cut pieces or the double folded fabric rolls. We have fabrics for Suiting, jacketing, blazer and Arabic Dishdash.

You name it, we have it. And even we do not have it, please tell us what you want and we can bring it for you or even manufacture it for you.

Ground floor shop. Thousands of rolls displayed here on the left and right. Printed and Plain. All qualities from Linen, Canvas, Calico, P.V.C, Jersey, Polyester, Poly Cotton, Corduroy, Velvet, Chiffon, Silk, Cotton, Curtain Fabric, Lining, Crape and etc. In front of the window, there are luggage for sale as well as Trunks and hand bags. We well some toys also like Tigers and Lions, Leopards and dogs.

So, please don’t blame us for the mess. It is continuously cleaned and tidied up. But still you can see this part untidy.

Storage Trunk is one of our products, which we are dealing for many years. Any size, any colour or any shape can be made to every individual taste. This is only one picture showing some standard sizes sold in the store.

This is why I say, “YOU NAME IT WE HAVE IT”

Don’t be scared of that Tiger sitting there in the corner.


It is not real. We sell soft toys too.

We look at some plain fabric like this beautiful and soft touch genuine Italian silk satin also washable. All colours are available and displayed in the ground floor. On top some crepe silk and chiffon silks.

Sorry to take you downstairs again, I forgot to show you our own design made night dresses in liberty cotton and other cotton fabric. All sizes from Small, medium, large, X large to XX large. Long sleeves and short sleeves at very affordable prices. We have plain and printed nightdresses too.

Unbelievable. Isn’t it?

You can even buy these remnants pieces of Liberty or other fine cotton fabric for your patchwork projects online from us. It is only a pound for a piece size 20 cm to 40 cm width and 40 cm to 60 cm length. It was cheap and real value for money when comes to buy designer prints for handkerchiefs or patchwork.

Are you a quilter?
Do you like patchworks like this?
Do you want one?
Do you want to give it to someone?

Well, this is made of liberty fabric bought and made to a quilt by one of our customer. Isn’t it nice?

If you love to have one, why not trying to make one at a low cost using our fabrics in Ella Corner shown in “patch workers” link in our site

Well, we are very successful with the night dresses for children too Beautiful and cute. From 1 years old to 12 years old. Again Long and Short sleeves.

Yes you are right like some of our customer when saying it is so good to be forgotten or not recommending it to friends. So, please don’t forget to tell your friends. Let them enjoy your discovery too.

Ladies bra slip is one of our main lines too. We have short or long, small or large size and in many colours. The quality comes in cotton or nylon.

By now you might have been tired. If the answer is yes, fine no problem. Just have a break and come and I take you through rest of the shop. But thinking about it, it is really different store to any other store around. Don’t you think so?

If you think so, please email me and let me know what you think….thank you in advance

We go to ground floor again.

Mulena Collection of Stainless Silver.

One new section to the shop is this amazing selection of fashion jewellery all 925 carrots stainless silver. We have different real stones like amber, turquoise. Fresh water pearl, Swarovski crystal and mother of pearl and much more. Prices are guaranteed cheaper than anywhere in London.

Rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets in thousands of designs and colours can be found on this display.

Really posh and classy.

Quilters please watch your steps!

It is unbelievable prices and thousands of assorted colours and pieces are in display. Just pick your pick and we can cut to a minimum of 0.5 meter from the remnants. This is genuinely called QUILTERS HEAVEN.

Pashmina type shawls. All colours and different quality too. Reasonable prices. There is availability in plain and printed ones.

Haberdashery. Yes from Ribbon, Zippers, Threads, Elastics, Cord, Hook and eye, Laces, Patches, Dylon, Buttons, Knitting wool, Needles, Safety pins and many more. I think I said a lot, but if you want to know more, I will tell you more about this part of the shop. Please email me and I will send you the rest o the list…

This section is also in ground floor.

At the back part of the ground floor, just before turning left and going down the stairs to basement, we have the selection of bed linen. Super king, king size, double and single sizes. Sheet sets and Quilt sets all available. By the way, there are plain and also embroidery.

Arabic stuff. Yes, these are called Yashmagh and it is Arabic traditional head shawl and comes in different sizes. Mostly 100% cotton. We stock the White, Red, Black and Orange Yashmagh.

It might not be for you, but you can use it as a fashionable scarf round the neck. It is true; it is a fashion these days….

Please never think you have seen all. It is endless in corners and size. You just basically get lost in the corners, but don’t worry we are here to help to find your way.

I hope you enjoyed our short trip.

Just one question to ask you now at the end. I know that this is not a examination board to answer questions, but I request you to answer this one only:

What is Shaukat Fabric?

I am sure after this little journey you can answer this question. Can’t you?!

Anyway, I tried to show you around the shop although it was not all. But at least gave you an idea.

With your help and suggestions we would like to grow more and more. So, please help us to serve you.

God bless you all and see you in the store or if you are too far, at least on our website.

Shaukat Fabrics