Citronella Blue Augusta Linen

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Citronella Blue Augusta Linen

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Composition:55% Linen, 45% CottonRoll Width (finished/usable):140cm/137cmProduct Code:OC373C
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Citronella uses interwoven paisleys and vibrant acidic shades to study the botanical textures and forms of citrus fruit plants. Citronella is from The Garden of Temptation Autumn/Winter 2017 collection offering a visual feast of rich, symbolic imagery. Inspired by the works of Hieronymus Bosch, it captures a hidden fairy-tale world of thick foliage and luscious fruits, presented with a delectably twisted sense of humour. The colour palette is hallucinatory and opulent, with creeping tropical fronds and acidic paisleys sitting alongside blushing, light-toned hedgerow flora and fauna. Dive into an aesthetic, allegorical otherworld of arcane temptations and decadent decay.
The design is printed at the Liberty Printing Mill in northern Italy, appearing on elegantly versatile Augusta linen-cotton. This cotton-linen blend is characterised by its softness, coolness and durability. Cotton linen is a light and practical option, use it to create summery skirts and dresses or simple shirting designs, for effortlessly relaxed styling.

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