Valley of Nysa A Tana Lawn® Cotton

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Valley of Nysa A Tana Lawn® Cotton

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Composition:100% CottonRoll Width (finished/usable):136cm/133cmProduct Code:MR680D
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Persephone, known as the queen of the Underworld, was the inspiration behind this poignant design. According to Greek myth, in springtime Persephone inhabited the Earth and all the flowers bloomed in her presence – but when she returned to the Underworld the plants withered and died, signalling the arrival of autumn. The design features spring florals contrasted against darker flower heads and shadows, to hint at the darkness in the story. The style is inspired by Dutch flower paintings, which influenced the technique of using gouache paint on black paper. Valley of Nysa is part of the Earth story of the Autumn/Winter 2023 collection – a tribute to the earth’s bounty, these designs immerse us in the captivating details of the natural world.

For Autumn/Winter 2023, A Liberty Odyssey takes us on an adventure inspired by early storytelling – a dazzling contemporary voyage through the world of ancient myths. For this collection, the Liberty Fabrics designers drew upon the potent iconography and enduring cultural significance of millennia-old narratives of gods and goddesses, with four stories of ‘Classical’, ‘Universe’, ‘Earth’, and ‘Oceans’. A sweeping tour across sea, land, and heavens, shot through with captivating mythic imagery and symbolism to ignite the imagination.

Tana Lawn® is an ultra-fine cotton, cool and durable with a silk-like touch. Liberty Fabrics is known for its iconic print designs, bespoke fabric technology, unique print quality and striking colour vibrancy.  Tana Lawn® Cotton is suitable for all types of sewing, dressmaking, quilting and crafts.

Pricing: All fabrics are priced per metre length

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